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Tie Dye Tank Top Adult Medium Heart Crinkle Cotton Racerback Ladies Tank Top Women's Premade

Regular price $18.00

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Sometimes you need to see exactly what you are getting or you need it quickly so the awesome tank top above is the exact tank top you will be purchasing. If like what you see get it now because they may not be there later. There is only one of these available!

Premade items are items already done up and ready to go. Just place your order and we will get it shipped out! All items labeled "Premade" in the title are set up this way.

About the Tank Top:
This is a beautiful, handmade tie dye tank top. Perfect for you or your loved ones.

They are dyed with Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes. It is very safe and non toxic, even babies can chew on them.

The tank tops are 100% cotton, preshrunk, and prewashed. They are soft and a 4.7 ounce fabric weight.

Size and Measuring:
On premade items, the size is listed in the title. If it's a made to order item, the size can be selected under the size option drop down menu.

There is a size chart on all listings in the picture area for your use. Please use it because return requests due to size may be subjected to additional restrictions, fees. To view our return policies, click here.

Washing Instructions:
We consider our washing instructions pretty flexible. Machine wash in hot or cold water - it does not matter. Dye is bonded to the tank top and will remain vibrant! Machine wash separately from normal clothing the first 2-3 times. After that, you can add it in with your normal clothing without a problem. Dry on high heat.

People's thoughts:
People, in general, say that the quality of the tank tops is good and that they are amazed at how the tank tops hold their brightness.

Thank you for looking! We appreciate it!
-The Cranky Girl Tie Dye Team