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Tie Dye Hoodie Zipper Hoodie Pullover Hoodless Sweater Sweatshirt Options Spiral S M L XL 2XL 3XL Heavyweight

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This is a beautiful, handmade tie dye hoodie or sweater . Perfect for your loved ones.

I offer options for sweaters, hoodie pullovers, and hoodie zippers. Sweaters are hoodless and pocketless, Pullovers have hoods and pockets, and Zippers have hoods, pockets, and can zip up. They are all 90% cotton and 10% poly heavyweight fleece to provide warmth and comfort. They are dyed with Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes. It is very safe and non toxic, even babies can chew on them.

The picture above is similar to the design and colors that will be used on your hoodie or sweatshirt you order. Since these are handmade each tie dye may vary. If you are unsure I can provide pictures of the exact one that will be sent to you before sending it. These are a made to order item so I dye them up as they are ordered.

I consider my washing instructions pretty flexible. If you want to wash them in hot water, go ahead. Likewise with warm and cold water. Color will not fade or bleed and item will not shrink, so no worries.

Thanks for looking and loving my artwork!
-Cranky Girl

I am the artist. I make handmade tie dye using liquid dye in squeeze bottles to dye. Each item may come out slightly different but the same design and colors will be used. Handmade tie dye varies. All sales are final. I do not allow refunds or exchanges. If you'd like pictures before shipping please let me know.

I am not a professional photographer so please excuse the picture quality..