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Product Requests

Do you have a product request for an item we currently don't carry? We may still be able to help! If you are looking for custom colors or designs check out our Helpful Custom Order Info page.

Back to product requests!
There are two ways we can do this:

1) Have you send us the item you are looking for to us so we can tie dye it up. We call these Dye Jobs. (This option has some restrictions mentioned below)


2) We can check with our blanks suppliers to see what they have available and get a special order placed.

Regardless of whether you choose to do a Dye Job or have something special ordered for you we will need you to contact us ahead of time so we can work together on the details and let you know if we are able to do your request. We are very upfront about our skills and will let you know if something is outside of our skill set.

With Dye jobs, you will want to make sure the item is plant-based material otherwise our dyes will not work. Cotton and rayon dyes the best!

Materials like polyester, nylon, spandex, elastics, plastics, and metals are NOT dyeable with our dyes.

Once we have decided on the details and whether it'll be a Dye Job or a Special Order we then send you further info on the next steps to take.

There are some risks and draw backs to offering Dye Jobs and Special Orders. We don't have replacements on hand so if something goes wrong we may not be able to get it redyed up like our usual items. However, we are very confident in our skill sets and will let you know upfront whether something is doable or not.

Overall, doing Dye Jobs and Special Orders offers a wide array of options that would normally not be available. We are very glad to offer both to Cranky Girl Tie Dye fans and look forward to seeing what projects come our way!

"It never hurts to ask so always feel free to get in touch with us! Our goal is to add some color to your life!"
-The Cranky Girl Tie Dye team