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2020: An Interview with Cranky Girl

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"If you could ask 1 question about 2020 to Cranky Girl what would it be?"

This question was posed to fans on the Cranky Girl Tie Dye social media pages and we were not disappointed! Cranky Girl steps up to the plate to answer them below.

 Fan:  Overall, what do you think of the year 2020?

Cranky Girl:  Whew! That's a loaded questions! To be honest, it was a year filled with many challenges. As a small business there were times I was wondering if my dream would continue. I wondered if the economy was going to remain stable enough to keep going. As a person there were times I wondered if I'd come through it unscathed. I would wonder if I was smart enough or if I was absolutely doing my best. At this moment in time I can say yes. I was everything I needed to be at the time. So while I did face a lot of challenges this year I think as a whole Cranky Girl Tie Dye and I came through stronger!

F:  How did Covid affect you?

CG:  As a business that just began hiring employees it was rough in the beginning. That in itself is challenging for any business. Add a pandemic to it and it was definitely something I had not been prepared to handle. A pandemic itself was new territory for everyone. I cannot tell you how many people were so patient and kind to me and my team as we got things reorganized. Cranky Girl Tie Dye was not in the heart of the pandemic however a lot of our blank suppliers were. We had things on order and they were scheduled to come in and even though our blanks suppliers did their best it just kept getting pushed further and further back. We had to get reorganized and then things finally started going more smoothly. Since we were an online business, we were able to remain operational as long as we were able to get our supplies we needed to create our artwork.

F:  Are you accepting Dye Jobs?

CG: Yes, we are! For awhile there we had to postpone dye jobs. For those of you who don't know, dye jobs are items customers send to us to tie dye up. Because of covid and safety regulations, I thought it would be best to limit the amount of interaction until things were better known about Covid.

F:  Why did you decide to start up a website? Are you moving off Etsy?

CG:  There are many reasons why but to list a few a website allows Cranky Girl Tie Dye more control over things like how pages are displayed, the navigation, and the colors and fonts. Etsy is good for beginning a business but as you grow and expand you may creating an official website. There are drawbacks to this however for Cranky Girl Tie Dye we see a future full of chances and opportunities! At this time, we will be keeping our Etsy for those who prefer it though.

F:  Are you going to come out with some newer designs soon?
CG:  Absolutely! Now that the holidays are over it allows me some more time to think up ideas and color combinations, etc. We plan on making a shop section on our official website called "NEW!". The items in here will be new products, new designs, new color combos. These items will have never before been listed on Cranky Girl Tie Dye. This "NEW!" category should be posted next week. We are unable to list the "NEW!" category on Etsy because we have already filled all of the allowed categories so the items will only be posted on crankygirltiedye.com

F:  What was your favorite moment of 2020?

CG:  You know, I thought this question would be harder than it is but it turned out to be pretty simple! My all time favorite moments for 2020 all consist of people helping out other people in some shape or form. From allowing us extra time to showing us kindness when things occurred. To forgiving us for our mistakes. This year was filled with a lot of humanity and I hope that I remember it for the rest of my life.

F: How is it seeing your dream grow?

CG: Honestly? It's a bit scary sometimes! One moment I'm like "Yes! Look at it go!" and then the next moment I'm like "Whoa, whoa, whoa! This feels like it's all happening so quickly! Will I be able to keep up?!" At those times I take a breath. The fact that people love what we do amazes me even today!

F:  What are the next PowerBall numbers?
CG:  While this isn't quite a 2020 question, this has got to be my favorite question sent in! First and foremost, I am not all knowing or anything but if I had to guess try these numbers:  22, 24, 39, 44, 46, 22!
CG: ...
CG:  Okay, okay. I did use google images to help me out...if I was to take a true stab in the dark I would try: 6, 15, 29, 33, 56, Powerball 10. I did not use a reference this time...though I did pull up a list of numbers and closed my eyes, pointed, then opened my eyes again. That's how you do it Cranky Girl style!

F:  Is there anything else you'd like to say about 2020?
CG:  Well, a whole bunch! However, I want to mention above all thank you Cranky Girl Tie Dye fans for hanging tight, for being well, for being kind, and for helping us strive to become better. We may not be perfect but we hope we keep bringing happiness to everyone's life through our artwork!


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