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Custom Order Projects Part 3 | Cranky Girl Tie Dye

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Okay, so Custom Order Projects Part 3 is more of the typical way custom orders for us generally go.

We had a lady reach out to us about a custom order. She showed us this hoodie for a reference:

Tie Dye rainbow and black zip up hoodie. Crinkle pattern. Dyed by Cranky Girl Tie Dye. www.crankygirltiedye.com


She absolutely adored this hoodie however she thought it would be too bright for her to walk around in. She was very fond of darker clothing and wanted to know if there was a way to alter it to suit her clothing style more.

If memory serves, we first started down the pastel route asking if she would prefer the colors pastel versus the bold and vibrant colors. However, she adored the original colors and just wanted less colors and more black.

Easy peasy doable!

After understanding more of what she wanted we got it tie dyed up and this one was the outcome:

Rainbow tie dye with large amounts of black. Crinkle design. Tie dyed by Cranky Girl Tie Dye. www.crankygirltiedye.com

Look familiar? Yep! It's this one right here: https://crankygirltiedye.com/products/tie-dye-hoodie-zipper-pullover-hoodless-sweater-options-crinkle-2051hs

She absolutely LOVED it! She was a joy to work with and she helped us keep expanding our skill set!

Do you have an idea for a custom order? Reach out to us!


Look forward to Custom Order Project Part 4!


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