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Custom Order Projects Part 2 | Cranky Girl Tie Dye

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Hold tight! Here is Custom Order Projects Part 2!

Awhile back Cranky Girl had an individual reach out to her and request a custom order. The individual was looking for a light pink, light purple, and a light turquoise long sleeve t shirt. The whole thing seemed pretty cut and dry. They wanted it in a crinkle pattern where the colors transitioned from one color to another in a diagonal fashion.

So Cranky Girl gets it tie dyed up and the picture of the outcome sent to them. This is what it looked like:

Tie dye long sleeve light pink, light purple, and light blue crinkle pattern. Tie dyed by Cranky Girl Tie Dye.
( https://crankygirltiedye.com/products/tie-dye-long-sleeve-t-shirt-5-3oz-crinkle-2026ls )

Cranky Girl was pretty proud of how it came out. The colors transitioned beautifully and it was *chef's kiss* perfect!

And then the individual awkwardly pops our bubble, of course in the nicest way possible. They said "The shirt looks great however I wish the light blue was more of a Turquoise color.


Cranky Girl always thought Turquoise was a light blue color! Turns out the Turquoise the individual was wanting had green tones in it and Cranky Girl didn't know that shade as Turquoise but as Teal.

Cranky Girl redid up the shirt and this time got it right. The individual loved the t shirt, thought the whole situation was funny, and it ended up becoming very popular with a lot of our fans.

Tie Dye T Shirt Long Sleeve Design 2031LS, Dyed by Cranky Girl Tie Dye

( https://crankygirltiedye.com/products/tie-dye-long-sleeve-t-shirt-5-3oz-crinkle-2031ls )

But the whole situation baffled Cranky Girl. A bit after that Cranky Girl came across another situation involving the color Maroon and what shade it actually was.

After searching the internet at length, Cranky Girl soon realized that there were a lot of different opinions on whether a color's true name was. With all of the different tones a color could be and still be labeled with the same name, Cranky Girl then decided to switch to showing color charts when discussing custom orders to make sure she would be creating the right shades.

So far it has worked out perfectly! Check out the color charts for yourself here!

Look forward to Custom Order Projects Part 3!


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