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Custom Order Projects Part 1 | Cranky Girl Tie Dye

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You probably already know this but there is a LOT of effort that goes into any custom order! 75% of the people who reach out to the Cranky Girl Tie Dye team are looking for some sort of custom order whether it's for specific colors, a different design, or products we don't currently carry.

Some of these projects are easy peasy and some are more than meets the eye. All of them require lots of thoughts and ideas. We pitch ideas, potential color combos and mixes, draft up sketches, and then work together to bring an idea to life!

The amount of effort behind the scenes is not always portrayed so we'd like to give a sneak peek at the process, from beginning to end!

Starting us off is this lovely design:

Tie dye t shirt. Shibori style with rainbow and black colors.

( https://crankygirltiedye.com/collections/new-products/products/tie-dye-short-sleeve-t-shirt-shibori-sizes-infant-toddler-youth-adult-id-80265-3 )

This shirt was actually originally a custom order! We had someone who came to us and loved our shibori design.

They wanted to see if we could create one that used the colors of the rainbow.

We immediately thought of one we already had available. This one right here:

Tie dye long sleeve t shirt. Shibori with rainbow and black.

( https://crankygirltiedye.com/products/tie-dye-long-sleeve-t-shirt-5-3oz-shibori-8000ls )

We let the individual know that we could adapt the colors and design used to a short sleeve t shirt if it was what they had in mind.

After some serious thought, the individual let us know that what's quite what they had in mind. The amount of yellow was too much and would clash with their skin tone. They also really wanted some purple in the design as well.

We ended up pitching to them the idea of making each section of color smaller to fit the purple tones and lessen the amount of yellow.

The individual loved that idea but was still worried about the yellow clashing with their skin tone. They still wanted the yellow within the shirt because it completes the rainbow.

After some more serious thought, we suggested a larger section of red to cover near their face and then smaller sections of orange, yellow, green, and blue to allow the purple color to still be used. We also had the idea of making the purple about as wide as the red section to balance out the whole shirt overall.

They loved the idea!

We folded the shirt up, dyed it, let it set overnight, washed, dried, and sent pictures of the outcome to the individual.

It didn't take to long and we received a message back from them saying they loved it! It's exactly what they had imagined!

We were ecstatic to hear that! Like we mentioned previously, sometimes it takes a couple attempts before we get the intended outcome so the fact that this one came out perfect on the first attempt was a wonderful feeling!

The individual ended up receiving their shirt and reached out to thank us again. They truly loved it and we loved working on it!

We now offer it to anyone who wants one so feel free to check it out or request a custom order of your own here!

Tie dye short sleeve t shirt Design 80265.3

( https://crankygirltiedye.com/collections/new-products/products/tie-dye-short-sleeve-t-shirt-shibori-sizes-infant-toddler-youth-adult-id-80265-3 )


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